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Venice Top Ten

1) The myth of Venice
What tourist would ever forgo getting a photo taken in St. Mark’s Square or at least getting on a gondola once?

2) The Ducal Palace
Residence of the Doge and the power centre of the Most Serene Republic. This is the most direct way of coming into contact with the history of Venice and its culture.

3) Getting lost in Venice
The pleasure of throwing the map into the bin and walking around without a precise aim. Venice will surprise you all the same.

4) Murano, Burano and Torcello
Getting to know some of the most traditional elements of the culture and history of Venice with a boat trip through its Lagoon.

5) The Museums of Venice
Among the best in Italy and there are museums for all tastes. We’d like to point them out to you in open order: the Accademia Galleries, the Venice Guggenheim, Palazzo Grassi, the Correr Museum and Cà Rezzonico.

6) The Venice Biennial and the Cinema Exhibition
Extraordinary artistic events of worldwide fame. Another excuse to return to Venice once a year.

7) Padua and the Brenta Riviera
A beautiful city that boasts the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto and the Botanic Gardens. And on the banks of the Brenta river, between Padua and Venice, you can visit the famous Venetian Villas.

8) The Venetian cities
The convenience of being able to reach Veneto’s most beautiful cities within the space of 30-60 minutes: Treviso, Vicenza and Verona.

9) An escapade to the sea
During the summer what nicer way to break up the cultural and city visits than with a half day at the sea? In less than 1 hour you can reach Jesolo or Lido di Venezia.

10) The Spritz
The ritual of the aperitif before dinner, even better if accompanied by a few “Venetian snacks”. Do the same if you find yourself in Mestre, Venice, Treviso or Padua.