Lagoon and Islands

From Piazzale Roma take waterbus n°52 as far as the island of Murano, which is known throughout the world for its glassware. Here you can visit one of the famous glassworks or the Glass Museum. After your visit, you can stroll around the island and visit the Basilica of Saints Mary and Donato, a Venetian-Byzantine structure. From Murano, you can reach the island of Burano taking water bus no. 12, this island is famous for its lace technique and its picturesque colored houses.

We recommend that you go for lunch to one of the island’s renowned restaurants. From Burano you can reach the island of Torcello with motor ship no. 12. Torcello housed Venice’s first inhabitants. On the island, you can still visit the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption which dates back to the 7th century, where you can admire the magnificent mosaics of the Last Judgement. Take motor ship no. 12 to return to Venice and get off at Fondamenta Nuove. From here you can take Strada Nuova and stop off at the Ghetto, the old Jewish district and visit the Museum and the Israelite School, before returning to Piazzale Roma.